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Important Odisha GK Questions for Odisha Competitive Exams


Short Information : Important Odisha GK Questions for Odisha Competitive Exams, Are you preparing for any competitive exam in Odisha ? Well, it is crucial to master Important Odisha GK before appearing in any competitive exams in Odisha. Important Odisha GK Most of the Civil Service exams in Odisha, including OPSC, OCS, OSSC, OSSSC etc required expert knowledge and good understanding of General Knowledge. Important Odisha GK Questions.

Post Date : 01 November 2021





1. When did Bhubaneswar become the capital city of Odisha ?

A. 1936

B. 1940

C. 1945

D. 1948

◆ Answer : Option : D

2. Which of the following is the only UNESCO World Heritage site in Odisha ?

A. Sun Temple Konark

B. Chilika Lake

C. Hirakud Dam

D. Jagannath Puri Temple

◆ Answer : Option : A

3. What is Deomali about Odisha : 

A. A famous Folk Dance

B. Highest Mountain Peak

C. A Famous Folk Music

D. Tribal Group

◆ Answer : Option : B

4. Who among the following is considered to be the first port in Odisha :

A. Damara

B. Kirtania

C. Chandbali

D. Paradip

◆ Answer : Option : Chandabali

5. Who among the following is popularly known as the Grand Old Man of Odisha :

A. Gopabandhu Das

B. Fakir Mohan Das

C. Madhusudan Das

D. Gauisankar Ray

◆ Answer : Option : C


6. Odisha State Maritime Museum is located at : 

A. Paradip

B. Gopalpur

C. Cuttack

D. Balasore

◆ Answer : Option : C

7. First Odia to win Kendriya Sahitya Academy Award : 

A. Gopinath Mohanty

B. Sadashiva Mishra

C. Surendra Mohanty

D. Kanhu Charan Mohanty

◆ Answer : Option : A

8. In which year Kalapahad invaded Odisha : 

A. 1645

B. 1647

C. 1567

D. 1576

◆ Answer : Option : C

9. Who is the first Odia international cricket player : 

A. Debasish Mohanty

B. Shiv Sundar Das

C. Rajib Biswal

D. Sanjaya Raul

◆ Answer : Option : A

10. Bande Utkal Janani the State song of Odisha is composed by : 

A. Laxmikanta Mohapatra

B. Madhusudan Rao

C. Mayadhar Mansingh

D. Radhanath Ray

◆ Answer : Option : B


11. Which of the following tribes constitute the largest group among the tribe population in Odisha : 

A. Paraja

B. Gonds

C. Kondhs

D. Saora

◆ Answer : Option : A

12. Sadharana Pathe is an Autobiography written by : 

A. Fakir Mohan Senapati

B. Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab

C. Kunja Bihari Das

D. Rabi Singh

◆ Answer : Option : B

13. Who is known as Mother Teresa of Odisha : 

A. Ramadevi

B. Malati Choudhary

C. Kuntala Kumari Acharya

D. Sarala Devi

◆ Answer : Option : A

14. Which of the following is the first Odia Novel : 

A. Matira Katha

B. Padmamali

C. Babaji

D. None of these

◆ Answer : Option : B

15. Who is popularly known as Utkal Keshari in Odisha : 

A. Harekrushna Mahatab

B. Gaurishankar Ray

C. Padma Charana Patnaik

D. Biju Patnaik

◆ Answer : Option : A


16. The tribal language that has the most significant number of the speaker is : 

A. Kui

B. Mundari

C. Kondh

D. Santhali

◆ Answer : Option : D

17. Who has written the prayer Ahe Dayamaya Biswabihari :

A. Abinash Mohapatra

B. Ramakrushna Nanda

C. Ramachandra Mishra

D. Satyajit Barala

◆ Answer : Option : B

18. The original name of saint Chaitanya was : 

A. Biswarup

B. Gangadhar

C. Bishwambar

D. Rupeswar

◆ Answer : Option : C

19. What percentage of Odisha state land is covered by Forest : 

A. 33.3%

B. 27.4%

C. 31.38%

D. 32.4%

◆ Answer : Option : C

20. The great poet Jayadeva flourished during which dynasty in Odisha :

A. Gajapati

B. Ganga

C. Bhoi

D. Karani

◆ Answer : Option : B


21. Which Ganga ruler built the world-famous Konark temple : 

A. Narasimha Deva l

B. Bhanu Deva IV

C. Chodaganga Deva

D. Rajaraja Deva

◆ Answer : Option : A

22. Sri Chaitanya, the famous Vaishnava stain of Bengal, had come to Odisha during the reign of : 

A. Prataparudra Deva

B. Kapilendra Deva

C. Chodaganga Deva

D. Raja Rajadeva l

◆ Answer : Option : A

23. Quli Qutb Shah invaded Odisha during the reign of which ruler : 

A. Prataparudra Deva

B. Raghuji Bhonsle l

C. Narasimha Deva

D. Govind Vidyadhara

◆ Answer : Option : A

24. Which is Odisha’s state tree : 

A. Chinar Tree

B. Indian Fig Tree

C. Sal

D. Coconut Tree

◆ Answer : Option : B

25. What is the name of the first film of Odisha ?

A. Sita Bibabha

B. Almara

C. Nua Bou

D. Lalita

◆ Answer : Option : A


26. Panchayat Raj system was introduced in Odisha in the year : 

A. 1949

B. 1951

C. 1955

D. 1961

◆ Answer : Option : D

27. The climate of Odisha is the type of : 

A. Tropical

B. Sub Tropical

C. Coastal

D. None of these

◆ Answer : Option : A

28. When was the Odisha language restored in Sambalpur after a long term demand : 

A. 1903

B. 1905

C. 1907

D. 1909

◆ Answer : Option : A

29. Sambalpur was annexed by the British Government by the policy of : 

A. Subsidiary Alliance

B. Permanent Settlement

C. Divide and Rule

D. Doctrine of Lapse

◆ Answer : Option : D

30. Odisha becomes a part of the British Empire during the reign of : 

A. Warren Hastings

B. Lord Cornwallis

C. Lord William Bentinck

D. Lord Wellesley

◆ Answer : Option : D


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