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OSSSC Exam – Geography Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs ) ! OSSSC Examination GK

Short Information : OSSSC Exam – Indian Geography Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQs ). Objective Questions on Indian Geography for Competitive Examination.

Post Date : 15 January 2022





1. Which of the following regions in India represents lowest altitude ?

A. Kuttanad region in Kerala

B. Saurashtra region in Karnataka

C. Coromandel of Tamil Nadu

D. Malabar region of Kerala

◆ Answer : A

2. Sirhind Canal is located on which river ?

A. Sutlej

B. Ravi

C. Beas

D. None of these

◆ Answer : A

3. In which state Kudermukh which is famous for iron ore is located ?

A. Karnataka

B. Bihar

C. Odisha

D. Assam

◆ Answer : A

4. Which among the following is the first state in India to introduce Oak Tussar Industry ?

A. Odisha

B. Manipur

C. Assam

D. Kerala

◆ Answer : B

5. Which among the following race of Indians is oldest ?

A. Nordics

B. Mongoloids

C. Proto Australoid

D. Negritos

◆ Answer : D


6. Which among the following rock system in India is also known as storehouse of minerals ?

A. Archaean Rock System

B. Dharwar System

C. The Cudappah System

D. The Vindhyan System

◆ Answer : B

7. Which of the following is the highest motorable pass of India ?

A. Khardung La Pass

B. Burzail Pass

C. Zozila Pass

D. Bara Lachal Pass

◆ Answer : A

8. Which of the following passes is located in the tripoint of India, China and Myanmar ?

A. Bom Di La

B. Diphu Pass

C. Jelep La

D. Thang La

◆ Answer : A

9. Which of the following mountain ranges is spread over only one state in India ?

A. Ajanta

B. Satapura

C. Sahyadri

D. Aravali

◆ Answer : A

10. Which of the following is the closet city of the Indian mainland Kavaratti ?

A. Kozhikode

B. Kannur

C. Kochi

D. Kottayam

◆ Answer : C


OSSSC Exam – 


11. Which among the following river flows in rift valley ?

A. Yamuna

B. Kaveri

C. Son

D. Tapti

◆ Answer : D

12. Which of the following Himalayan rivers does not originates from across the Himalayas ?

A. Indus

B. Ganga

C. Brahmaputra

D. Satluj

◆ Answer : B

13. The Badrinath is situated on the Banks of which of the following river ?

A. Bhagirathi

B. Yamuna

C. Koshi

D. Alakananda

◆ Answer : D

14. Salsette Island is a part of which of the following states of India ?

A. Maharashtra

B. Karnataka

C. Kerala

D. Tamil Nadu

◆ Answer : A

15. Bhitarkanika mangrove is separated from the Bay of Bengal by which of the following beaches ?

A. Puri Beach

B. Ganjam Beach

C. Konark Beach

D. Gahirmatha Beach

◆  Answer : D


16. The term Peneplain is related to which of the following ?

A. Underground water

B. Wind

C. River

D. Glacier

◆ Answer : C

17. Which one of the following valleys of Madhya Pradesh is / are example of rift valley ?

A. Narmada Valley

B. Tapi Valley

C. Son Valley

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : D

18. Gandak river is associated with one of the following river systems ?

A. Brahmaputra

B. Indus

C. Godavari

D. Ganga

◆ Answer : D

19. Amravati, Bhavani, Hemavati and Kabini are tributaries of which of the following river ?

A. Godavari

B. Krishna

C. Kaveri

D. Mahanadi

◆ Answer : C

20. Which of the following is the correct time phase of the retreating monsoon season ?

A. December to March

B. March to May

C. June to September

D. October to December

◆ Answer : D


OSSSC Exam 2022 MCQs : 


21. Which of the following soil needs little irrigation as it has the feature retaining soil moisture ?

A. Red Soil

B. Alluvial Soil

C. Black Soil

D. Laterite Soil

◆ Answer : C

22. How many major bio-geographic regions are there in India ?

A. 9

B. 10

C. 11

D. 12

◆ Answer : B

23. Which of the following is the largest tiger reserve of India in terms of area of the core / critical tiger habitat ?

A. Pench

B. Periyar

C. Nagarjunasagar Srisailam

D. Manas

◆ Answer : C

24. Malaj Khand of Madhya Pradesh is associated with which of the following mineral production ?

A. Copper

B. Lignite

C. Bauxite

D. Iron Ore

◆ Answer : A

25. Which of the following crude oil transportation pipeline is the longest in India ?

A. Haldia-Maurigram-Rajbandh

B. Salaya-Koyali-Mathura

C. Hajira-Bijaipur-Jagdishpur

D. Mathura-Ambala-Jalandhar

◆ Answer : C


OSSSC Exam Multiple Choice Questions : 


26. Which among the following project is a joint agreement between India and Nepal ?

A. Kosi Project

B. Machkund Project

C. Koyna Project

D. Mahi Project

◆ Answer : A

27. Nuclear Power Corporation of India was established in which of the following year ?

A. 1955

B. 1987

C. 1992

D. 2001

◆ Answer : B

28. Geothermal energy is basically a which of the following type of energy ?

A. Renewable

B. Non-renewable

C. Biotic

D. Non-cyclic

◆ Answer : A

29. Which of the following crops are grown mostly under subsistence farming ?

A. Cotton and Tobacco

B. Millets and Rice

C. Vegetables and Fruits

D. Tea and Coffee

◆ Answer : B

30. Saffron is produced in which of the following places of Uttar Pradesh ?

A. Plateau Area

B. Tarai Region

C. Hilly Region

D. Plain Area

◆ Answer : D


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