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Indian Polity GK Questions & Answers 2021 for OSSSC Exam

Short Information : Indian Polity GK Questions and Answers 2021, It is observed that almost all type of competitive exams questions based on the Indian Polity are asked. So in this article we have compiled important and though questions on the different topics of the Indian Polity which would be very useful for all types of competitive exams like : OPSC, OSSC, OSSSC, SSC, CDS And Others, Indian Polity GK Questions Answers 2021. Indian Polity GK Questions and Answers 2021.

Post Date : 08 October 2021





1. What is the number of Schedules in Constitution of India ?

A. 8

B. 10

C. 11

D. 12

◆ Answer : Option – D

2. Town planning comes under which among the following parts of Constitution of India ?

A. Part VII

B. Part IX

C. Part IXA

D. None of these

◆ Answer : Option – C

3. Which among the following language is not there in the 8th Schedule of Constitution of India ?

A. Dogri

B. Rajasthani

C. Sindhi

D. Manipuri

◆ Answer : Option – B

4. Which Schedule of Indian Constitution contains languages ?

A. 6th

B. 7th

C. 8th

D. 10th

◆ Answer : Option – C

5. Sindhi Language was included in the list of Official languages in the 8th Schedule of our Constitution in which year ?

A. 1957

B. 1967

C. 1969

D. 1971

◆ Answer : Option – B


6. Which of the following words is not included in the Preamble of the Constitution of India ?

A. Equality

B. Liberty

C. Sanctity

D. Justice

◆ Answer : Option – C

7. The ideas of liberty, equality and fraternity in the preamble are borrowed from the Constitution of which country ?

A. French Constitution

B. Australian Constitution

C. British Constitution

D. USSR Constitution

◆ Answer : Option – A

8. The Constitution of India derives ultimate authority from ______ ?

A. Supreme Court of India

B. Parliament of India

C. People of India

D. Constituent Assembly of India

◆ Answer : Option – C

9. By which Constitutional Amendment, Sikkim became a new State in the Indian Union ?

A. 32nd, 1974

B. 35th, 1975

C. 36th, 1975

D. 37th, 1978

◆ Answer : Option – C

10. In which year, Goa was declared as India’s 25th State ?

A. 1987

B. 1988

C. 1989

D. 1990

◆ Answer : Option – A


11. Which year, Parliament passed the Citizenship Act ?

A. 1950

B. 1955

C. 1960

D. 1965

◆ Answer : Option – B

12. Single Citizenship in India has been taken from which country ?

A. British

B. Canada

C. Both A & B


◆ Answer : Option – C

13. How many freedoms are guaranteed by Article 19 ( Right to Freedom ) ?

A. 3

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

◆ Answer : Option – C

14. Which among the following parts of Constitution of India, include the concept of welfare States ?

A. Preamble

B. Fundamental Rights

C. Directive Principles

D. Fourth Schedule

◆ Answer : Option – C

15. Article 36 – 51 of our Constitution are related to which of the following ?

A. Fundamental Right


C. Fundamental Duties

D. Union Executive

◆ Answer : Option – B


16. Directive Principles of state Policy are like a cheque on a Bank payable at the convenience of the bank : who made this conservation ?

A. Pt. Jawahar Lan Nehru

B. Prof. K T Shah

C. Dr. B R Ambedkar

D. KM Munsi

◆ Answer : Option – B

17. Which among the following were inserted in the Constitution of India on recommendations of Swaran Singh Committee ?

A. Fundamental Right

B. Directive Principle of State Policy

C. Fundamental Duties

D. 12th Schedule

◆ Answer : Option – C

18. 10th Schedule of the Constitution was added by which amendment of the Constitution ?

A. 24th Amendment Act

B. 52nd Amendment Act

C. 61th Amendment Act

D. 85th Amendment Act

◆ Answer : Option – B

19. Via which of the following amendments, the term ” Socialist ” was inserted in Preamble of Indian Constitution ?

A. 38th Amendment Act

B. 42nd Amendment Act

C. 49th Amendment Act

D. 52nd Amendment Act

◆ Answer : Option – B

20. Which among the following Constitutional Amendment Act, reduced the age of voting from 21 years to 18 years ?

A. 59th Amendment Act

B. 60th Amendment Act

C. 61st Amendment Act

D. 62nd Amendment Act

◆ Answer : Option – C


21. What is the rank of Union Cabinet Secretary in the table of Precedence in India ?

A. 5th

B. 9th

C. 11th

D. 15th

◆ Answer : Option – C

22. A very strong center is a _______ ? 

A. Federal Feature

B. Non- Federal Feature

C. Quasifedral Feature

D. National Feature

◆ Answer : Option – A

23. Which among the following features of Indian Constitution is not borrowed from British Constitution ?

A. Parliamentary Forum of Government

B. Cabinet Forum of Government

C. Rule of Law

D. Concurrent List

◆ Answer : Option – D

24. Which among the following State doesn’t have a bicameral legislature ?

A. Maharashtra

B. Bihar

C. West Bengal

D. Andhra Pradesh

◆ Answer : Option – West Bengal

25. Which among the following Union Territory had a Judicial Commissioners Court ?

A. Pondicherry

B. Andaman & Nicobar Island

C. Daman & Diu

D. Lakshadweep 

◆ Answer : Option – Daman & Diu


26. Who is called ” Modern Manu ” ?

A. Dr. K M Munshi

B. N Gopalswamy Ayyangar

C. TT Krishnamachari

D. Dr. B R Ambedkar

◆ Answer : Option – D

27. Who said that ” Constitution Assembly was Congress And Congress was India ” ?

A. Lord Mountbatten

B. Lord Wilmington

C. Clement Atlee

D. Granville Austin

◆ Answer : Option – Granville Austin

28. Which Schedule of Indian Constitution mention about division of power between the Union and the States ?

A. 6th Schedule

B. 7th Schedule

C. 8th Schedule

D. 9th Schedule

◆ Answer : Option – B

29. What is the term of Prime minister as mentioned in the Constitution ?

A. 5 years

B. 6 years

C. No fixed term

D. None of these

◆ Answer : Option – C

30. Which of the following was made a Union Territory by 14th Constitutional Amendment Act ?

A. Sikkim

B. Puducherry

C. Goa

D. Chandigarh

◆ Answer : Option – Puducherry


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