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Odisha GK – General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Odisha GK – General Knowledge Questions and Answers, Improve your Odisha General Knowledge skill by checking the Odisha GK Questions and Answers. And these questions will help an individual to sharpen their skills. This Odisha Quiz questions help you to improve yourself in general knowledge about the Odisha.

Post Date : 24 September 2021





Q.1 : In Ancient times, Odisha was known as by the name of ___ .

A. Kalinga

B. Kurukshetra

C. Konkan

D. Magadha

◆ Answer : A. Kalinga

Q.2 : The Konark Sun Temple was included in the World Heritage Site status in the year ?

A. 1982

B. 1984

C. 1989

D. 1992

◆ Answer : B. 1984

Q.3 : Which is the Odisha State Bird ?

A. Cardinal

B. Great Hornbill

C. Black Francolin

D. Bluejay

◆ Answer : D. Bluejay

Q.4 : First Oriya News Paper was ____ .

A. Sambad

B. Samaja 

C. Dharitri

D. Utkal Deepika

◆ Answer : D. Utkal Deepika

Q.5. The famous war of Kalinga was fought in the year ___ .

A. 265 BC

B. 270 BC

C. 261 BC

D. 291 BC

◆ Answer : C. 261 BC

Q.6 : When was the Super Cyclone held in Odisha ?

A. 1990

B. 1996

C. 1997

D. 1999

◆ Answer : D. 1999

Q.7 : Which one was the Capital of Odisha before Bhubaneswar ?

A. Cuttack

B. Sambalpur

C. Puri

D. Koraput

◆ Answer : A. Cuttack

Q.8 : Which place in Odisha is known as ” Temple City of Odisha ” ?

A. Puri

B. Bhubaneswar

C. Cuttack

D. Sambalpur

◆ Answer : B. Bhubaneswar City

Q.9 : The Jagannath Puri Temple was built in the year of ___ ?

A. 1109

B. 1150

C. 1151

D. 1161

◆ Answer : D. 1161

Q.10 : A number of Parliamentary Constituencies in Indiana ?

A. 14

B. 19

C. 21

D. 25 

◆ Answer : C. 21

Q.11 : According to the Hatigumpha inscription who was defeated by Kharavela ?

A. Narasinghavarman l

B. Simhavishnu

C. Satkarni l

D. Gautamiputra Satakarni

◆ Answer : C. Satakarni l

Q.12 : The Renaissance of Oriya Literature was started from which period ?

A. Bhoi

B. Karrani

C. Gajapati

D. Ganga

◆ Answer : C. Gajapati

Q.13 : Who among the Odishan leader took part in the Great Revolt of 1857 ?

A. Surendra Sai

B. Chakhi Khuntia

C. Ramakrushna Samanta Singhar

D. All of the Above

◆ Answer : D. All of the Above

Q.14 : Who was the first Chief Minister of Independent Odisha ?

A. Nabakrushna Choudhury

B. Biju Patnaik

C. Harekrushna Mahatab

D. Non of the Above

◆ Answer : C. Harekrushna Mahatab

Q.15 : Odisha comes under which Coastal Zone of India ?

A. Utkal Plain

B. Konkan Coast

C. Coromandel Coast

D. Malabar Coast

◆ Answer : A. Utkal Plain

Q.16 : Groundnut production is highest in which district of Odisha ?

A. Kalahandi

B. Jajpur

C. Cuttack

D. Balasore

◆ Answer : C. Cuttack

Q.17 : What is the name of the first Indian Westland of International importance under the Ramsar Convention ?

A. Chilika

B. Bhitarkanika

C. Astamudi

D. Loktak

◆ Answer : A. Chilika

Q.18 : What type of forest covers the maximum geographical area of Odisha ?

A. Very Dense Forest

B. Moderately Dense Forest

C. Open Forest

D. None of the Above

◆ Answer : C. Open Forest

Q.19 : What is the Smallest National Highway of Odisha ?

A. NH-130 C

B. NH-112 C

C. NH-105

D. NH-19 B

◆ Answer : A. NH-130 C

Q.20 : The East Coast Railway Zone has how many Division ?

A. 02

B. 03

C. 05

D. 08

◆ Answer : 03


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