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Computer General Awareness MCQ Quiz for Banking, IBPS, RBI And Other Exams

Short Information : Computer General Awareness MCQ Quiz for Banking and Other – Computer Awareness MCQs for Competitive Exams. Computer Awareness of IBPS PO, IBPS Clerk, Bank PO, Bank Clerk and Other Entrance / Competitive Examinations.

Post Date : 18 January 2022





1. Which among the following is not a payment card technology ?

A. Magnetic Stripe Card

B. Smart Card

C. Fleet Card

D. All of them are payment card technologies

◆ Answer : D

2. Which of the following generation of computers is associated with artificial intelligence ?

A. First

B. Third

C. Fifth

D. Seventh

◆ Answer : C

3. Which of the following are part of the Logical Operations of the Computer ?

A. Addition

B. Greater Than

C. Substraction

D. Difference

◆ Answer : B

4. Who is considered as the father of the computer ?

A. William Thomson

B. Lord Kelvin

C. Charles Babbage

D. Pierre Jaquet Droz

◆ Answer : C

5. Which of the following comprises commonly used Assembly Language ?




D. Python

◆ Answer : A


6. A digital Computer Processes information in which from ?

A. Continuous form

B. Discrete form

C. Semi Continuous form

D. Semi discrete form

◆ Answer : B

7. What does the amplitude of an analog wave measure ?

A. Frequency

B. Intensity

C. Wavelength

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : B

8. Which is the first programmable analog computer ?

A. South Pointing Chariot

B. Planisphere

C. Castle Clock

D. Astrolabe

◆ Answer : C

9. What are four functional elements of a digital computer ?

A. Input Output Equipment

B. Main Memory

C. Control Unit and ALU

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : D

10. What is the full form of SMPS ?

A. Switched Mode Power Supply

B. Switching Manual Power Supply

C. Switched Maintenance Power Supply

D. None of the above

◆ Answer : A


11. Who among the following proposed the R-tree for the first time ?

A. Antonin Guttman

B. Van Neumann

C. Steve Jobs

D. Michael Raschell

◆ Answer : A

12. What is the full form of HIDS ?

A. Host Based Intrusion Detection System

B. Housing Intruder Detection System

C. Host In Device Server

D. None of the above

◆ Answer : A

13. Which type of bridge is used on token ring network ?

A. Transparent Bridge

B. Translation Bridge

C. Source Route Bridge

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : D

14. Which of the following device is used to convert the national data into signal ?


B. Moder

C. Printer

D. Monitor

◆ Answer : B

15. Who was the first head of the state to send an email ?

A. George Washington

B. Queen Elizabeth ll

C. Jimmy Carter

D. None of the above

◆ Answer : B


Computer General Awareness : 


16. Which of these is known as the first search engine ?

A. Archie


C. Gopher

D. Google

◆ Answer : A

17. What does UDP Stand for ?

A. Uninterrupted Delivery Protocol

B. User Destination Pairing

C. Uninterrupted Data Parsing

D. User Datagram Protocol

◆ Answer : D

18. In which year the Internet Explorer version 1 was released ?

A. 1994

B. 1998

C. 1997

D. 1995

◆ Answer : D

19. Which was the first purely 32-bit version of Windows ?

A. Windows Vista

B. Windows NT

C. Windows 98

D. Windows 95

◆ Answer : B

20. MS Word is an example of _____ .

A. An operating system

B. A processing device

C. Application software

D. An input device

◆ Answer : C


21. Ctrl, Shift and Alt are called _____ .

A. Modifier

B. Function

C. Alphanumeric

D. Adjustment

◆ Answer : A

22. Junk e-mail also called _____ .

A. Spam

B. Spoof

C. Sniffer script

D. Spool

◆ Answer : A

23. Microsoft Office is an example of a : 

A. Closed source software

B. Open source software

C. Horizontal market software

D. Vertical market software

◆ Answer : C

24. By default, your documents print in _____ mode.

A. Landscape

B. Portrait

C. Page Setup

D. Print View

◆ B

25. Storage capacity of magnetic disk depends on : 

A. Disk pack in disk surface

B. Tracks per inch of surface

C. Bits per inch of surface

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : D


Computer General Awareness : 


26. What is the RAM located ?

A. Mother Board

B. Expansion Board

C. External Drive

D. None of the above

◆ Answer : A

27. What is the full form of INTERNET ?

28. A ____ is a software program used to view Web pages.

A. Site

B. Host

C. Link

D. Browser

◆ Answer : D

29. The computer’s processor consists of the following parts : 

A. CPU and Main Memory

B. Hard Disk and Floppy Drive

C. Control Unit and ALU

D. Operating System and Application

◆ Answer : C

30. A Computer Consist of _____ .

A. Mother Board

B. Hard Disk Drive

C. Central Processing Unit

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : D


31. Which of the following is a popular programming language for developing multimedia webpages ?


B. Java


D. Assembler

◆ Answer : B

32. The first computer was programmed using…….

A. Assembly language

B. Machine language

C. Spaghetti code

D. Source code

◆ Answer : B

33. Merge cells option can be applied from ?

A. Format cells dialog box alignment tab

B. Formatting toolbar

C. Both of above

D. None of the above

◆ Answer : A

34. C, BASIC, COBOL, And Java are example of……. Language

A. Low level

B. Programming

C. Computer

D. High level

◆ Answer : D

35. The function of BIOS is to ______ 

A. Initialize the system hardware

B. Ensure system performance

C. Update the system

D. Save the system from crashing

◆ Answer : A


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