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Odisha OSSSC ARI, Amin, SFS, Forest Guard and Excise Constable General Knowledge Questions and Answers


Short Information : Odisha OSSSC ARI, Amin, SFS, Forest Guard and Excise Constable General Knowledge – Are you looking for Odisha GK MCQs ? You come to the right place, in this article, you will find all the important Odisha GK Multiple Choice Questions that you are looking. Odisha OSSSC 

These Multiple Choice Questions will be helpful for you to know more about the beautiful Indian state ” Odisha ” and many fascinating facts that you have never heard before. Odisha OSSSC .

Post Date : 19 December 2021





1. Which of the following is the largest sweet water leak in Odisha ?

A. Chilika

B. Pata

C. Ansupa

D. Kanjia

◆ Answer : C

2. In which year did India win the first Gold medal in Hockey at Olympic Games before Independence ?

A. 1910

B. 1920

C. 1928

D. 1945

◆ Answer : C

3. In which district of Odisha Central Rice Research Institute situated ?

A. Nuapada

B. Sambalpur

C. Korapur

D. Cuttack

◆ Answer : D

4. Which of the following is the headquarters of the World Trade Organization ( WTO ) ?

A. Paris

B. New York

C. Madrid

D. Geneva

◆ Answer : D

5. How many members are from Odisha selected to Lok Sabha ?

A. 14

B. 21

C. 18

D. 15

◆ Answer : B


6. Which of the following countries is not a member of the United Nations ( UNO ) ?

A. South Africa

B. Palestine

C. Israel

D. Cuba

◆ Answer : B

7. What is the Wall Street ?

A. Stock Exchange of Calcutta

B. An Indian Township in Britain

C. Stock Exchange of New York

D. None of these

◆ Answer : C

8. United Nations ( UNO ) celebrates International Day of Yoga Globally on which date ?

A. March 08

B. May 08

C. June 05

D. June 21

◆ Answer : D

9. Who was the viceroy of India when the Muslim League called for the Direct Action Day ?

A. Lord Ripon

B. Lord Minto ll

C. Lord Linlithgo

D. Lord Wavell

◆ Answer : D

10. Who was the first Governor General of India ?

A. Lord Minto

B. Lord William Bentick

C. Warren Hastings

D. M.Cornwllis

◆ Answer : B


11. Initially, Queen Elizabeth I approved the character to the East India Company for how many Years ?

A. 05 years

B. 07 years

C. 10 years

D. 15 years

◆ Answer : D

12. The famous Jallianwala Bagh massacre happened on which festival day ?

A. Holi

B. Baisakhi

C. Raksha Bandhan

D. Lohri

◆ Answer : B

13. Which country is comparable with the size of Odisha ?

A. Netherlands

B. Bangladesh

C. Tunisia

D. Myanmar

◆ Answer : B

14. What is the state Song of Odisha ?

A. Jaya Jaya He Odisha

B. O Mur Apunar Desh

C. Bande Utkal Janani

D. Mera Odisha

◆ Answer : C

15. When was the state’s name officially changed from Orissa to Odisha ?

A. 2010

B. 2011

C. 2012

D. 2013

◆ Answer : B


16. What is the rank of Odisha in terms of Area ?

A. 7th Position

B. 8th Position

C. 9th Position

D. 10th Position

◆ Answer : B

17. What is the rank of Odisha for the largest population of Scheduled Tribes in India ?

A. 1st 

B. 2nd

C. 3rd

D. 4th

◆ Answer : C

18. Which animal statue is found on the Emblem of Odisha ?

A. Horse

B. Lion

C. Deer

D. Tiger

◆ Answer : A

19. How many states do Odisha shares its border with ?

A. Three States

B. Four States

C. Five States

D. Six States

◆ Answer : C

◆ West Bengal, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh & Telengana

20. What is the length of the Coastline of Odisha with the Bay of Bengal ?

A. 485 km

B. 585 km

C. 685 km

D. 785 km

◆ Answer : B


21. Which region of Odisha is mentioned in the National Anthem of India ?

A. Utkal

B. Drabira

C. Ucchala.

D. Banga

◆ A

22. Which is the largest city of Odisha ?

A. Bhubaneswar

B. Cuttack

C. Rourkela

D. Sambalpur

◆ Answer : A

23. What is the state Mammal of Odisha ?

A. Sambar Deer

B. Gaur

C. Fishing Cat

D. Spotted Deer

◆ Answer : —- Comments us.

24. How many seats are in the Orissa Legislative Assembly ?

A. 147 Seats

B. 157 Seats

C. 31 Seats

D. 41 Seats

◆ Answer : 147 Seats

25. What type of Legislature is the Odisha Legislative Assembly ?

A. Unicameral

B. Bicameral

C. Tricameral

D. Multicameral

◆ Answer : Answer Comments us


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