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OSSSC Computer Awareness Multiple Choice Questions | OSSSC Examination 2021

Short Information : OSSSC Computer Awareness Multiple Choice Questions ( MCQ ) and Trivaial on MS Office – Word for OSSSC And other exams like : IBPS / RRB / PO / SBI PO or MBA entrance examination. OSSSC Computer Awareness. OSSSC Computer Awareness MCQ.

Post Date : 09 November 2021





1. Which among the following key is used for checking grammar and spelling ?

A. F3

B. F5

C. F7

D. F9

◆ Answer : C

2. While working on Microsoft Word, which among the following is the command for ” Undo ” ?

A. Cntrl+A

B. Cntrl+Z

C. Cntrl+Y

D. Cntrl+C

◆ Answer : B

3. Which key combination is used for manual page break ?

A. Shift+Enter

B. Ctrl+Enter

C. Ctr+B

D. Ctr+F6

◆ Answer : A

4. Which of the following file extension is used in MS Word 2003 ?

A. . exe

B. . doc

C. . docx

D. . acs

◆ Answer : B

5. What is the text styling feature of MS Word known as ?

A. WordArt

B. WordFill

C. WordStyle

D. WordLooks

◆ Answer : A


6. Which menu option in MS Excel has the option to sort the data ?

A. Review

B. Data

C. Insert

D. Formula

◆ Answer : B

7. How can a cell be activated in MS Excel ?

A. By pressing TAB Key

B. By pressing arrow keys

C. By clicking the cell

D. All of the above

◆ Answer : D

8. Which is the correct formula for SUM Function in MS Excel ?

A. /SUM ( A1-A5)

B. =SUM ( A1 – A5 )

C. =SUM (A1 : A5 )

D. +SUM ( A1 : A5 )

◆ Answer : C

9. What is the use of VLOOKUP function in MS Excel ?

A. to get the maximum value among set of data

B. to copy a row

C. to find things in a table

D. none of above

◆ Answer : C

10. Which button in MS Excel is clicking to calculate the sum of a series of numbers ?

A. Autosum

B. Fill

C. Merge

D. Insert

◆ Answer : A


11. What is the maximum zoom percentage available in MS Power Point ?

A. 200%

B. 400%

C. 600%

D. 1000%

◆ Answer : B

12. What are transaction in MS Power Point ?

A. Password protection on the slides

B. The name given to file

C. Special effects added to the slides

D. None of above

◆ Answer : C

13.  What is the default file extension of MS Power Point 2003 ?

A. . doc

B. . acs

C. . xls

D. . ppt

◆ Answer : D

14. Under which menu in MS Power Point option to add images in a slide is available ?

A. Design

B. Slideshow

C. Insert

D. Edit

◆ Answer : C

15. Which of these datatyeps in MS Access allows alphabet, numbers and special characters ?

A. Short Text

B. Currency

C. Date

D. Autonumbers

◆ Answer : A


16. Under which menu there is an option to expert data in MS Access ?

A. External Data

B. Database tools

C. Home

D. Create

◆ Answer : A

17. Which of the following are types of MS Access Database and object ?

A. Form

B. Modules

C. Tables

D. All of above

◆ Answer : D

18. Which of the following is the correct format for an email ?




D. abc@def

◆ Answer : B

19. Which protocol is used for fetching Email from a mailbox ?





◆ Answer : B


20. Who invented the first email program ?

A. Tim Berners-Lee

B. Ray Tomlinson

C. Ajay Bhatt

D. Dav Moron

◆ Answer : B

21. What does BCC Mean ?

A. Blank carbon copy

B. Blind carbon copy

C. Blue carbon copy

D. Black carbon copy

◆ Answer : B

22. Which of these is not an email service provider ?

A. Yahoo

B. Rediff

C. What’s App

D. Hotmail

◆ Answer : C

23. Which among the following is not a security / privacy risk ?

A. Spam

B. Virus

C. Hacking

D. Phishing

◆ Answer : A

24. The terms ‘ push and pull services ‘ in context with the banking are used in which among the following generally ?

A. Rural Banking

B. Unit Banking

C. Mobile Banking

D. Online Banking

◆ Answer : C

25. How many banks are promoting the National Payments Corporation of India ?

A. 6

B. 8

C. 10

D. 12

◆ Answer : C


26. Which organization develop BHIM Application ?





◆ Answer :C

27. What is the name of the new Blockchain Based payment platform of the National Payment Corporation of India ?

A. Shakti

B. Vajra

C. Veer

D. Virat

 ◆ Answer : B

28. Which of the following is not a cloud computing service provider ?

A. Amazon Web Service

B. Microsoft Azure


D. Intel

◆ Answer : D

29. Which of the following is not a feature of Cloud Computing Services ?

A. Easy expandability and scalability

B. One time fixed payment

C. Faster product development

D. Optimization of capital investment

◆ Answer : B

30. The phrase ” Cloud Computing ” was first time used in context with a project of which two organization ?

A. Microsoft and Yahoo

B. IBM and Microsoft

C. Amazon and Google

D. IBM and Google

◆ Answer : D


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